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About me.


Hi I am Quirstin!

I am a self taught Professional Photographer. I started this journey in 2015! Can't believe it has been that long, I have always been passionate about creating. That is what has driven me. If you offer me a book, or a paint brush, I'm grabbing the brush! I have a very supportive husband who has pushed me to be the best I can be. He also helps as a sidekick at all my weddings...well because he is my second shooter! That is right ladies your husbands can be creative too! We have two boys Michael, and Nolan. They keep me even more busy when I'm not working. Two boys no way, couldn't imagine them keeping a Mama busy! (LOL)

specialize in Family + Weddings. I also enjoy the Moody fashionable setups so I can step outside the box once in awhile. I love working with people, I have always been an extrovert. Getting to know people on different levels helps you on this walk of life!  My favorite thing is relaxing with my family, and some good food! 

Look forward to meeting all my future clients!

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