About me.

Hi! I am the crazy wife, and mother of two little boys behind the lens all the time! I used to be a full time worker raising my first on my own, and always had a crave for art since I was a young child. Photogrpahy, art and all things of beauty filter thru me, I live for it! A few years ago I met me a handsome crazy guy that completed my chaos, and then out of no where a little blonde hair, possum eyed boy came along ! I then quit my job to focus on being a mother in the mix of all of that my husband and I invested in a better camera to photograph with , and my business has blossomed since! I have truely been invested a little over a year and continue to grow just as any normal human in this business! I hope for the best, and capture the moments that should be remebered for ever and ever ! I LOVE what I do, and look forward to building relationships with my clients!

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